Uniform Help!

You, like me, may be sitting with a pile of patches wondering, "What now?"  This page is designed to help you feel confident about assembling your daughter's uniform.

What is she supposed to be wearing?

First, look in the Girl Handbook starting at page 20.  On 20 and 21 you can see the complete uniform for each level.  Before you pass on, think for a moment if your daughter's skirt is knee level, if her skort (Explorers, Tenderhearts and Pathfinders) is no more than 2" above the knee, or if her pants have cargo pockets.  Make a note to yourself if she's grown!  Also, please remember AHGirls don't wear capris.

Where do I sew the different patches?

On pages 22-23 are some of the most common insignias and awards AHGirls earn and where to place them.  More information about placement and how to apply badges can be found on pages 24-25.  Did you read them?  I didn't either and surprised to find that the badges which are placed around the Joining Award or Level awards are supposed to be in the order of the Frontiers, beginning with the Heritage Frontier at the 11 o'clock position.  Luckily, I have all summer to pull out my seam ripper and get it right.  Finally on pages 26-27 you can see pictures! with specific awards places on vests and sashes with a tape measure to help you get it all just right.

Some other helps:  

The neckerchief seems to stump most of us.  On page 25 the description of how to tie the neckerchief is not perfectly clear.  However, it seems to be saying that the neckerchief is completely rolled--not with a triangle hanging down in the back, is tied in a square not at the top button of the polo shirt, and worn under the collar.  The best picture I've found is of the Tenderheart here at the AHG National website or on page 20.

For our girls who crossed over to a new level, the Level Award they just earned will be the center of their badge flower on the new uniform and their Joining Award will be up on the top left of their vest or the top of their sash.

A great tip for sewing on badges is to use clear nylon thread in your machine.  Information about ironing on patches and badges is on page 25.

Activity patches are sewn to the back of the vest or sash or you might choose to start a patch blanket.  The HUGS patch with rockers, Scout Sunday patch, and religious emblem patches (not the pins) all fall into this category.

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